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– Important Agreement / Contract Terms

A written agreement greatly improves your odds of success when working with a Roofing Contractor. Never start work until you have a complete agreement signed by your Roofing Contractor. In fact, most roofing contractors will not even meet with your insurance adjuster to negotiate and determine the damage level until a contract is in place and signed. It is however in your best interest to have your contractor there to do a vital part of their job 1. maximize the insurance payout and 2. ensure the claim is not denied.

For small jobs use a written work order. For larger projects, use a detailed contract. Never feel pressured to use the Roofing Contractor’s standard contract. Make sure the following points are included in the agreement:

  • Job site cleanliness, worker conduct, and rules for use of on-site bathroom, phone, etc.
  • Detailed description of items and material to be installed and all work to be performed
  • Project completion, quality and payment criteria
  • Responsibility for material selection, purchase, delivery acceptance and storage
  • Detailed summary of costs, fees and payment milestones
  • Payment for and coordination of design approvals, permits and inspections
  • Change order rules, responsibilities and contract cost adjustments
  • Warranty on workmanship
  • Insurance coverage requirements
  • Responsibility for protecting structure, furnishings and work in progress from weather and construction related damage

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